Encens Saba is a unique olfactory experience that opens with a wild and determined freshness, such as vibrant notes of juicy orange and tangy black pepper, which grow in a compelling crescendo. The enveloping warmth of cinnamon paints a bold journey, evoking childhood memories related to the revered bark of the Song of Solomon.

The vivid and timeless dream is enriched when rare and iconic materials of traditional perfumery, such as the Damascus rose, are anchored in the present. This delicate rose, looking to the future, becomes even more fascinating with the passage of time, thanks to the essence of Ambrox that envelops it in a woody seduction.

The notes of incense, coming from a resin obtained from dry matter, evoke the spirit of Yemen. They develop in a succession of aromas that decorate the olfactory symphony. An entire melody takes shape as this rare material mixes with a chorus, featuring the high-tech notes of musks and Woodleather.

Encens Saba is more than a perfume, it is an enveloping melody that persists over time. Each spray is an invitation to immerse yourself in a complex and fascinating sensory experience, a journey through iconic and contemporary aromas that come together in an extraordinary composition.


Top Note: Black pepper, orange, cinnamon;

Heart note: Damascus rose, Cypriol or nagarmotta oil, ambrox;

Base note: Frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, musk, woody notes, leather.

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Elixir of the World is a collection of fragrant treasures to discover from all over the world.

It is a fascinating olfactory journey through the creation of six infinite Elixirs, made with pure creative and masterful perfumery that has been in the works for over a year. It all started with six intriguing stories that inspired the creation of this range of luxurious fragrances.

With our vision to make India a cornerstone of niche perfumery, we embarked on a quest to translate magnificent stories from around the world into fragrances, and what followed was an exciting journey of exciting brainstorming sessions and engaging discussions with fragrance connoisseurs.

The result of this enriching journey is a collection of six exclusive fragrances, each embodying its own unique story.

Each fragrance is a fusion of rare ingredients from all corners of the world, expertly blended to create a luxurious perfume extract. Keeping in line with our founder's artistic vision for this range, we made sure that the entire range reflected the luxury of perfumery in every detail.

Elixir of the World will excite, enchant and seduce your senses and transport you on a truly out-of-this-world journey.

Experience the magic of each fragrance, from the first splash to the base, and discover the stories that inspired them.

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