Everything can be translated into numbers, and in Naples they know it well, only that obviously they have to be the right ones, the ones with whom you hope to receive the kiss of the blindfolded Goddess, also because it is said that she does not see very well. In the nineteenth century Naples became the capital of what we know today as the “Lotto Game” and to play the right numbers the choice was one and only one: turn to the Smorfia, “the book of dreams”.
This book consists of 90 numbers and is based on the belief that there is a correspondence between dreams and numbers: everything has a symbolic meaning and reality itself is a set of hidden meanings to be interpreted. Obviously, everything is closely connected to the divine and supernatural dimension, because often it is the saints, the Madonna or deceased loved ones who dictate the numbers in dreams by making a gift to those who remain on earth.
Top notes: Bitter Orange, Marzipan, Pink Pepper CO2, Black Pepper, Timur Pepper CO2
Heart notes: Orange blossom, Turkish rose, Lily of the valley, Pomegranate, Pizzutella grape
Base notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Ambergris, Musks.
“We wanted to create a fragrance that could attract good luck in any way. We have therefore created a list of ingredients according to this logic: the bitter orange is a well-known symbol of good luck, favorable omens and fertility; Marzipan has been known to be a symbol of wealth in Sicily since time immemorial; Peppercorns, as per tradition, carry solids and we have three types. Among the fruits, nothing is more than the pomegranate and its grains are more propitious in symbolism; White grapes are often present on our tables for their benign influences, while the floral triumph is inspired by the ideal propitiatory bouquet of the new bride. Ambergris, in its rarity, as well as sandalwood instil prosperity. A true amulet of well-being as well as a shield against all adversity.”

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We are not superstitious but... You never know. On the contrary, as Eduardo de Filippo said: "To be superstitious is to be ignorant; but not being one is bad." The phrase "it's not true... but I believe in it" basically makes sense: maybe it doesn't work, but avoiding it doesn't cost anything, so it's better to be prepared.

In Italy there are many superstitious rituals, and the city of Naples is a real theater of traditions and folklore that in some cases act as an umbilical cord between heaven and earth. Because you know, no one can help you more than a saint... For years, Nobile 1942 has been trying to tell pieces of Italian history and culture through its perfumes. For this reason, he launches "i Rituali", a line of fragrances that want to be an olfactory story of superstitious gestures still present in our daily lives. Scented amulets created according to the quality standards of the other fragrances in the range but with the addition of a pinch of irony. To give to yourself but also to those who don't believe in these things. Because you can also be skeptical and rational, but "you never know".

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