Obtained by extraction of essential oil from the bunches and roots of Vetiver (Chrysopogon zizanioides) by mixing in processing, the variety of Java with that of Haiti; the pure oil is then extracted and macerated with our method, without chemical solvents; by hand, cold and for about 6 months, changing the microclimates every month or so, using only glass, and with hand stirring and long times. We follow the ancient methods of perfumery manuals that are over a century old, found after long research.

The slow extraction and the particular method, reserved, mean that many molecules are extracted in the perfume, a sort of olfactory phytocomplex that gives a very rich and enveloping boquet even to monoessence perfumes.

The typical sensations of our Absolute Vetiver are Hints of moist earth and dry wood, The scent of vetiver is known as the representative scent of the earth. The scent of vetiver is green, woody, earthy, oriental, dry, bitter and with a refreshing touch of citrus that makes it unique. Depending on the type of processing, it can also have hints of “wet woods”; in the case of VETIVER ASSOLUTO, in addition to the previous scents we also have amber and balsamic tones.

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A characteristic of our ABSOLUTE VETIVER is to be very complex and enveloping and during the olfactory tests it emerged that it evokes different sensations on different people based on their olfactory background, an elderly scholar reported that it reminded him of the smell he felt as a boy in old libraries and for him this was enormously evocative, to a young graphic designer he remembered the French roads near the rivers, to the owner of a well-known fashion brand, he remembered exactly a famous perfume, convinced that it was that, to a doctor accustomed to shaving with fine English shaving soaps, evoked a walk in the woods early in the morning, if he used it after shaving, and instead relax with Ruhm, cigar and fireplace, if he wore it in the evening. To several women, felt on the man evoked enveloping charm, very masculine but as an elegant male.

According to aromatherapy, its aroma has the property of reconnecting us with the Earth and making us rooted in the physical reality of the world.

It is therefore particularly suitable for "dreamers", explorers of the world of intellect and sailors of inner journeys, on which it will have the effect of lowering the center of gravity helping them to find the center of themselves.

In fact, according to Fr. Davis "vetiver acts on all the chakras by rebalancing them, as well as rearranging the entire apparatus by realigning them with each other, starting with the base chakra that consolidates." Its aroma instills stability, confidence and calm. Called "the oil of tranquility", Vetiver is one of the most important aromas for the treatment of nervous stress.



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